While low surface temperature radiators (we’ll call them LST radiators for short) are nothing new to the heating industry. LST radiators have long served a purpose in protecting young, vulnerable and elderly adults from accidental burns for a number of years now, and have been a stipulation within many buildings such as hospitals, schools and care homes.  An outer casing provides a barrier between the person and the heating element, which maintains a much lower temperature of no more than 43°C, which is a considerable drop when compared against a standard radiator where the surface can reach a staggering 75°C.


So How Do LST Radiators Work? 


Much the same as conventional radiators, LST radiators use a convection heating system whereby air is pulled in through the bottom grill, it then travels up as it's heated and is then emitted from the top grill as it reaches the desired temperature.  The beauty of an LST radiator is that it responds much quicker than conventional heating, making it easier than ever to maintain a comfortable temperature.


Do Schools Require LST Radiators? 


Yes.  According to the Education Regulations, school premises must be equipped with LST radiators as a duty of care to both staff and students.


Where Do LST Radiators Need To Be Installed?


In terms of commercial installation, guidance must be followed when it comes to safety, therefore LST radiators need to be installed in public places such as schools, hospitals, care homes, hotels etc, but can also be installed in your own home, B&B’s, student accommodation, social housing, offices or anywhere else that safety is a priority.


What Are The Benefits of LST Radiators?


Injury Prevention 


For the majority of people, if you lean against a hot radiator, you know about it instantly and will pull yourself away in seconds, but for those with slower reaction times, or those who are susceptible to falls or loss of balance, the result could be devastating, therefore LST radiators are a much safer alternative to standard radiators.  They are also designed with rounded edges to further eliminate the risk of injury from sharp edges.     


Robust Design


Given that LST radiators are common in high traffic areas such as hospitals and schools they need to be able to withstand any knocks and bumps of daily life, which they do.  


The Perfect Fit


LST radiators are easy to install and are supplied with additional security fastenings to prevent unauthorised removal or damage.  They are available in 3 types, Super, Super Plus and Super Extra in over 90 sizes, therefore we guarantee there’s a fit for you, no matter the space you need to heat.


Anti-bacterial Paintwork 


A huge benefit of LSt radiators is that they are coated with antibacterial paintwork, making them especially popular in hospital settings and other industries where hygiene is of utmost importance.


Why Buy An LST Radiator?


According to an NHS report, children under 5 and adults over 60 years of age pose the highest risk of burn-related injuries.  Over 600 children are admitted to an NHS burns service every month following a burn or scald, with more than 13 toddlers experiencing some form of burn every single day.  While these are not all directly radiator related, they refer to many household items such as heating systems, home appliances and hot liquids with the majority of them being preventable given the right choices.  So if safety is at the forefront of your home or workplace then LST radiators make a fantastic choice.


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