Hotun Dry Trap Tundish 15mm JG Speedfit x 22mm Compression - Black HBSF15-22

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The Hotun dry trap tundish can be used for small unvented hot water heaters (less than 15 litres capacity). By connecting a hotun dry trap tundish it allows a safe and visible discharge from the pressure relief valve to be connected to a waste/soil without allowing any foul odours back into the building, thereby allowing a compliant connection.

Product Features

  • 15mm John Guest Speedfit inlet connection
  • 22mm compression connection on outlet
  • Allows trickle and full bore discharges up to 22 litres/min
  • Temperature rated up to 100 degrees celcius
  • Fully Wras Approved
  • Air break to drain
  • Safe and visible means of discharge
  • 5 year Guarantee
  •  Available in black or white


Please Note: Fittings to connect both the inlet and outlet to the pipework do not come with this product.

The product is supplied with a flat faced rubber inlet washer which must be used and only hand tightened, under no circumstances should a fibre washer be used.