Hotun Shield HS100C

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The Hotun shield is used where the hotun hiflo tundish would be in an accessible location. It is used as a safety feature to prevent the end user from harm via the hot water being discharged.

Product Features


  • ·       Discharging water can be seen clearly
  • ·       Made from 100 degrees celcius rated clear polycarbonate
  • ·       Makes siting the tundish in accessible areas safe
  • ·       Ultra Tough
  • ·       Simple and secure drop-over design
  • ·       Once top connection is made, shield is held securely in place
  • ·       Any discharging high-temperature water cannot be touched




Please Note: This product must be used with boilers only. It is against the regulations to use a hotun shield on an unvented hot water cylinder.