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  1. Smart Home Heating: What You Need To Know

    Smart heating has revolutionised the way we heat our homes.  No more shivering around cold radiators until they warm up, oh no, we can now activate our heating from any one of our devices on the go, so you can walk into a cosy home at the touch of a button.  


    So if you’re dabbling with the idea of making the switch to smart home heating, then let us talk you through with this all you need to know guide before you make the jump.


    What Is Smart Home Heating? 


    Smart home heating is controlled by a smart thermostat that is connected to the internet enabling you to control the temperature of your home from pretty much anywhere as long as you have internet connection.  


    Smart thermostats are different to smart meters, which are usually supplied b

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  2. Radiator Maintenance & FAQs

    As the unsung hero of the home, radiators are often taken for granted and only receive any attention when things go wrong.  Therefore, to keep your home warm and cosy for years to come we’ve answered some of the most common queries we receive when it comes to radiator maintenance.  Afterall, your central heating system is one of the most expensive things you’ll ever own, so it pays to give it a little tlc once in a while.


    Do radiator covers block heat? 

    It goes without saying that if you place something in front of a radiator then it will likely restrict the amount of heat emitted, but the good news is that radiator covers won’t block heat entirely.  They may contribute to slower air circulation therefore it may take longer to heat the room but rest assured the radiator is still doing its job, so we advise resisting the urge to increase the temperature in the short term as this will

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  3. Radiator Buying Guide - Helping You To Create a Warm and Comfortable Space

    As plumbing experts, we are often asked about radiator related queries, therefore, whether you are updating your decor, you are conscious of efficiency or your current radiators require more maintenance than you’d like, then we are here to help.  Upgrading your current radiators has many benefits to you and your home, primarily for your own comfort, but also your bank account, afterall, an efficient radiator is a cost effective radiator, so let us talk you through all you need to know when choosing the perfect radiators for your home with our radiator buying guide. 


    Let's get started with some of the most common questions . . .


    What is a round top radiator? 


    As one of the more familiar styles, the round top radiator has a traditional design whereby the convector fins are visible by either looking straight down t

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