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  1. Programmable Room Thermostats vs Smart Thermostats

    It’s an easy mistake to make; with so many thermostats flooding the market, it’s difficult to distinguish the differences between each model and which is the most compatible with your home’s heating system.


    Some want a no-fuss approach, and others want all the gadgets and unique features they can get! You may even be floating somewhere in between, open to a more advanced thermostat but not knowing where to start. 


    Monsterplumb has laid out the most significant features of programmable thermostats and smart thermostats so that you can invest in the appliance that is best suited to you. 



    Are programmable room thermostats and smart thermostats the same?

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  2. Making A Feature of Exposed Pipes

    In order to transport water around your interior, there has to be a network of plumbing and pipes installed to make this work.


    This pipework has been treated as an eyesore to be ushered away behind walls or tucked into cupboards, yet in recent years, there’s been a sweeping trend that focuses on stripping elements back and exposing them for a more favourable, industrious aesthetic. 


    So as we’re witnessing the rise of exposed plumbing in bathrooms and kitchens across the nation, Monsterplumb has thrown together a nifty guide for those weighing up whether to hop on board or not. 



    What are exposed water pipes?

    Exposed water pipes aren’t a new plumbing or interior design phenomenon, they are simply regular plumbing pipes that you would

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  3. How to Make the Most of a Small Bathroom

    If you’re contending with a small new build, an ensuite or trying to mould an older, tightly packed bathroom and are struggling to transform it into a more dynamic space you’re not alone. 


    At Monsterplumb we’re all too familiar with the logistical trappings of pipes, drains and fixtures galore which can interfere with rearranging a bathroom. 


    Let us provide you with some simple and budget-friendly small bathroom inspiration that don’t have to involve large scale plumbing operations or home renovations. 


    How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger


    A great place to start is with a general game plan.


    • Dial it back to the ess
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