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  1. How To Improve Home Security With Smart Security Devices

    What if I told you that smart technology could secure your home with a few simple devices?  No clunky boxes, no mass of controls, just state of the art technology controlled by you, from virtually anywhere in the world, pretty impressive right?!  


    Gone are the days of panic stricken thoughts as you jet off on holiday wondering if you’ve left the light, heating or washer on. With smart technology you can log in to any device that's connected to check, switch off or amend, giving you peace of mind wherever you are.  


    So What Are Smart Devices And How Do They Work?


    In today's fast paced society, convenience is everything, so it’s no surprise that connected technology is gathering momentum.  Your smart phone, your heating, your music, slowly but surely smart technology is beginning to filter into our

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  2. Thermostatic Showers - A Buyers Guide

    If the time has come to update your bathroom, then it’s possible that you will want to change your shower too, so if you’re considering the switch to a thermostatic shower then stick around and we’ll tell you all you need to know so you can install with confidence.


    What Is A Thermostatic Shower And How Does It Work?

    The thermostatic shower is a clever bit of kit that is fed by your hot and cold water supply through a thermostatic valve that maintains the perfect temperature as set by you.  The valve allows the system to mix both hot and cold water without the worry of any hot or cold spots, so there will be no sudden change in temperature should someone use a tap or flush the toilet elsewhere in the house!         


    Thermostatic Shower vs Mixer Shower - What's The Difference?

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  3. How To Clean Copper Pipes

    If ever there was a trend that demands attention then its the industrial one, with exposed copper pipes taking precedence as a must-have feature.  But don’t be fooled, while copper pipework may look like it's been there for years with it’s established rustic charm, in actual fact keeping those pipes squeaky clean does require a little TLC.  

    So for copper pipework that is worthy of it’s show home status, keep reading for 5 simple steps on how to keep the tarnish at bay.


    What Happens When Metal Tarnishes?

    While the appearance of slightly tarnished pipework may complement your decor beautifully, it’s worth noting that an ongoing build up of residue could do more harm than good if left untreated.  When metal is exposed to oxygen and sulphur in the air, a chemical bond occurs that reacts with the metal.  This reaction causes a dull

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