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  1. Should You Turn Your Boiler Off During The Summer?

    Light nights are creeping in and summer is on the horizon. Despite the unpredictability of British weather, temperatures do generally tend to rise - allowing for less dependence on household heating. Open up your curtains and bask in the sun, whilst saving money on your heating bills at the same time. Win-win! 

    This leads to thinking, what benefits could come from turning your boiler off completely for the season? Or is that unnecessary? Read on for information on how to implement efficient heating habits into your home this summer. 


    Should You Switch Your Boiler off Over the Summer?


    The long and short of it is, it depends. The first thing to do is to clear up what kind of boiler you currently have installed. If you own an older boiler with a pilot light, it might be worthwhile to switch it off when heating isn’t n

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  2. Which Smart Home Heating Should You Choose?

    Not all smart heating control systems are suited for every lifestyle and home, with some more and less beneficial than others. SMART stands for ‘Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology’, and differs from standard heating controls by allowing you to control every aspect of your heating schedule from either a phone or tablet. Although room thermostats and timers allow you to control each room instead of your whole home, as long as you have internet access, smart home heating devices let you control your heating from your phone, no matter where you are in the world.

    Today, we’re running through 7 of the best smart heating thermostats and systems, comparing features, benef

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