Traditional vs Modern Heating

Warmth is a human necessity and something that a large majority of us take for granted. It’s safe to say that we’ve come a long way since the days of rubbing sticks together for heat. Of course, none of this happened overnight. This timeline aims to map out a few of the major advances in the history of heating systems that paved the way for our current technologies. Also whilst we’re on the topic of old heating systems, we’ll be detailing why updating older heating systems is important and the impact this can have on your lifestyle.

Controlled Fire

Our Neanderthal ancestors would have not only had to master the art of generating a flame but develop a way to keep it alive for warmth and cooking. It is assumed that our forefathers would construct fires in caves to shelter the flame, which could be interpreted as an early predecessor of the hearth or fireplace. While this seems very basic in comparison to our advanced heating systems, we should give our anc

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