It’s an easy mistake to make; with so many thermostats flooding the market, it’s difficult to distinguish the differences between each model and which is the most compatible with your home’s heating system.


Some want a no-fuss approach, and others want all the gadgets and unique features they can get! You may even be floating somewhere in between, open to a more advanced thermostat but not knowing where to start. 


Monsterplumb has laid out the most significant features of programmable thermostats and smart thermostats so that you can invest in the appliance that is best suited to you. 



Are programmable room thermostats and smart thermostats the same?


To put it simply, no. That being said, they do share a few similar qualities and they can even look the same at first glance.


Programmable thermostats, included amongst our range of room thermostats and timers, allow you to control the temperature via a predetermined schedule. 


Smart thermostats take this a step further by connecting your heating system to the internet, allowing you to change the temperature with your phone, computer or other devices. This can even be done away from home when you’re out and about. 



What are programmable room thermostats?

Programmable room thermostats are a nifty piece of equipment employed to help regulate the heating in your home. As the name suggests, they adjust your home’s temperature according to a pre-set schedule.



What are the advantages of a programmable room thermostat?


To summarise, programmable room thermostats are great for:


Economic savings and environmentally conscious reasons 

If your building is unoccupied for a significant amount of the day

A low maintenance approach to controlling your heating system - easy to install and straightforward to navigate



What are the disadvantages of a programmable room thermostat?


Some of the downfalls of programmable thermostats are:


Have to be physically present to tamper with the heating system settings

More often than not, they are not compatible with smart technology such as Alexa or Google Home. Although more advanced models are available. 



MonsterPlumb’s top programmable room thermostat picks:



This TPOne 7 Day Programmable Room Wireless Danfoss thermostat is easy to use with its intuitive user interface, simple 7-day programming and wireless capabilities. Similarly, this Honeywell thermostat provides a no-fuss approach to automatic heating.  



What are smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats cover all bases and thanks to their capability to work with smart devices, they can be controlled and monitored remotely. Some can even allow you to control individual zones or rooms in your home!



What are the advantages of a smart thermostat?

See below for a few benefits of opting for a smart thermostat.


Simple installation process - can be installed as a wired or wireless model, plus they work with many boilers and applications, so easy to integrate into almost every heating system.

Convenient and flexible -can be controlled via smartphone, tablet or other advanced devices to give users complete control wherever they are. They can even be connected with your Alexa or Google Home system. 

Adapts to your preferences via intuitive programming and weather forecasting. 


What are the disadvantages of a smart thermostat?

There are a couple of cons to having a smart thermostat, such as:


They tend to be a pricier option - however, the savings you make could make up for this.

A smart thermostat will work with no internet or wifi connection, however, basic heating and cooling control will be the only features available - similar to a cheaper, programmable thermostat


MonsterPlumb’s top smart thermostat picks:



Some of our most popular products are the Drayton wiser thermostats as well as a Vaillant smart thermostat because they are sleek, compact and fit right into a contemporary interior. 


It might also be beneficial to look into adapting your radiators with some thermostatic radiator valves.  Drayton radiator valves are even compatible with their thermostat counterparts. Browse our entire Drayton thermostat collection for more suitable and corresponding products. 


So there you have it, each thermostat has fought its corner, the rest is up to you. What will your decision be? Please be aware that reaping either thermostat’s benefits depends on each users’ lifestyle, habits and heating preferences.


For further ways to manage your temperature and energy use, keep your eyes on the MonsterPlumb blog and discover more tips and tricks.