LST (Low Surface Temperature) Radiators - A Buyers Guide

While low surface temperature radiators (we’ll call them LST radiators for short) are nothing new to the heating industry. LST radiators have long served a purpose in protecting young, vulnerable and elderly adults from accidental burns for a number of years now, and have been a stipulation within many buildings such as hospitals, schools and care homes.  An outer casing provides a barrier between the person and the heating element, which maintains a much lower temperature of no more than 43°C, which is a considerable drop when compared against a standard radiator where the surface can reach a staggering 75°C.


So How Do LST Radiators Work? 


Much the same as conventional radiators, LST radiators use a convection heating system whereby air is pulled in through the bottom grill, it then travels up as it's heated and is then emitted from the

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