Monthly Archives: July 2021

  1. Lower Your Bills: Summer Water-Saving Tips

    Staying hydrated and refreshed is essential for getting through the humid summer months, however, a heavy reliance on water can send water bills soaring - and can even lead to nationwide shortages! 


    So, how can you be frugal with your water supply in a way that isn’t too restrictive or impeding on your daily lifestyle? Being careful with your water use doesn’t mean stopping completely, it just means opting for wiser choices that will mount up in the long run.


    To prevent any hefty bills, damage to the environment or the likes of hosepipe bans over the warmer months, consult MonsterPlumb’s guide on ways to save water this summer. 



    Water Saving Tips for Showers 

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  2. Tips For How To Keep Your House Cool Without AC

    The UK isn’t particularly known for glorious weather, so it’s no wonder that the majority of homes don’t have air conditioning installed. However, now and again the sun does make a surprise appearance and with it comes a clammy heat that can make things like getting to sleep especially difficult. 


    Fortunately, we’ve comprised several tips on how to cool down a room without air conditioning. 


    How to keep your house cool in summer  

    Whilst we’re proud of our range of round top, compact and seam top radiators, turning them down or completely off in the summer is a pretty easy way to keep the heat down in your home. 


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