Established in 1961, the John Guest legacy began by specialising in precision engineering and tool making.  Fast forward to today and they continue to dominate the market with their cutting edge technology, while still priding themselves on being as British as the day it was born, despite their phenomenal international success.

With an impressive timeline of achievements, John Guest have received three Queen’s awards for international sales, plus a further Queen’s award for innovation of the twist and lock plumbing fittings and pipe.  Couple this with their operations in New Zealand, USA, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia and it’s no surprise they are the masters of technology! Renowned for their Speedfit technology, John Guest have revolutionised many industries such as plumbing and heating, automotive, drinks dispensers, air and pneumatics, water filters, telecommunications, pubs and bars, the list is endless!  So let's find out more. . .

What Is Speedfit Plumbing? 

Speedfit plumbing is a push fit system that allows for quick and easy installation.  It uses polyethylene for fittings, and polybutylene and polyethylene for pipes, both of which are are specially engineered to withstand high pressure environments in all aspects of plumbing.  Available as Standard or a more advanced Twist and Lock, both options are reliable, leak proof fittings for peace of mind, whatever the job may be.

Benefits of Speedfit? 

Proud to manufacture more push-fit fittings than any other company in the world, John Guest Speedfit fittings boast a range of benefits including: 

- Reduced installation time

- Quick disconnection

- Superior flow features

- Ability to work in confined spaces

- Corrosion free

- No need for tools 

- Lead free

- Less noise from water flow

- Leak proof connections


How Does Speedfit Work? 

Unrivalled in design, Speedfit works by locking the pipes in place using stainless steel teeth for added grip, a main “O” ring for a leak proof connection, a pipe stop to fully insert the pipe, a pipe insert with a superseal “O” ring for a double seal and a twist and lock cap for extra compression.    

Can Speedfit Be Used For Central Heating?

Absolutely.  Speedfit technology has been used in the plumbing and heating industry for almost 60 years!  It is ideal for new builds, repair or renovation offering a wide range of products to suit. All products are fully accredited and suitable for use with both copper and plastic pipes.

Is Speedfit Reliable? 

100%!  Each of our products have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet both British and international standards, giving you peace of mind with every fitting.  The twist and lock mechanism is virtually leak proof, easier to install and extremely durable with the ability to withstand upto 60 bar as part of our internal pressure tests.

Can Speedfit Be Used On Copper? 

In a word, yes.  Speedfit push-fit fittings are designed to connect any two pipes no matter the material, therefore both plastic and copper are compatible.

Does Speedfit Pipe Need Lagging? 

All pipes are susceptible to freezing, so with that in mind, it’s a good idea to insulate your pipes, this is known as “lagging”.  By doing this, the pipes will retain heat, therefore reducing the chances of freezing. Common areas that require lagging are loft spaces which are the coldest part of a building.  Other areas may not need lagging, but a reputable installer will know this and advise.

Push Fit Fittings vs Copper Pipes 

The world is changing and plastic fittings are taking over!  This is not to say that copper pipes are redundant, simply that technology is evolving and push fit fittings are providing stronger, quicker, more reliable results.  Copper pipes require soldering and specialist equipment, whereas push fit fittings can be locked (or unlocked in the case of a problem), they do not corrode easily, they reduce installation time by around 40% and can be manufactured in different colours such as red and blue pipes to differentiate between hot and cold.

So if you are looking for reliable fittings to stand the test of time then look no further than JG Speedfit pipes and fittings!