What if I told you that smart technology could secure your home with a few simple devices?  No clunky boxes, no mass of controls, just state of the art technology controlled by you, from virtually anywhere in the world, pretty impressive right?!  


Gone are the days of panic stricken thoughts as you jet off on holiday wondering if you’ve left the light, heating or washer on. With smart technology you can log in to any device that's connected to check, switch off or amend, giving you peace of mind wherever you are.  


So What Are Smart Devices And How Do They Work?


In today's fast paced society, convenience is everything, so it’s no surprise that connected technology is gathering momentum.  Your smart phone, your heating, your music, slowly but surely smart technology is beginning to filter into our homes, so it’s only natural that home security should follow suit.


But How Does A Smart Home Security System Work?


A smart home security system works by connecting your security system to your home wifi network which can then be controlled by your phone or other device through an app.  This means that you can remotely check in on your home security whenever you like.   Some of the latest systems can even make suggestions based on your daily activity because the more we use it, the more data we provide, therefore helping these devices to understand your daily movements leading them to decipher what’s normal and what's not.


What Is A Smart Security System?


Smart security systems give you the ability to protect every inch of your home with the latest technology.  Choose from motion sensors, window and door sensors, glass break sensors, panic buttons, smoke detectors, internal and external sirens, plus we even have pet sensitive systems that are fully equipped with high quality lens, heat detectors and infrared signals that will disregard your pet as an intruder from up to 12 meters away!


What Are The Benefits Of A Smart Security System?


Although the level of crime as a whole has remained steady over recent years, the office for national statistics reported a decrease of 7% in burglary for year ending 2019, which, when comparing data, coincides with the increase of smart home security purchases.  The global revenue for smart home technology is forecast to reach close to £130bn in the next four years with an estimated growth rate of 15% per year thanks to technology advancements such as 5G and well known powerhouses such as Amazon, Google and Apple investing in the IoT (Internet of Things).  


The main benefits of installing smart home security systems include:


  • It keeps you and your belongings safe.
  • It gives you peace of mind when away from home.
  • It’s easy to use and accessible from anywhere in the world via your smartphone.
  • It can reduce home insurance costs.
  • It will track behaviour and alert you of any suspicious activity.
  • It integrates well with existing technology such as smart heating controls.
  • It prevents theft by deterring burglars as these systems are too complex to outsmart.
  • It will save money on potential property damage, plus when combined with energy saving systems, it’s win win for your pocket.


So that's your house secure but what about the device itself.  Smart home security will protect you from physical intruders but with any technology, comes the threat of cybercrime, and given that smart technology can hold alot of personal information it’s always best to stay one step ahead of the cyberworld by protecting yourself further, and here’s how:



  • Only buy what you need 



While the convenience of smart devices are increasingly appealing, only buying what you really need reduces the risk of exposure.



  • Where does the data go?  



Take the time to find out where and how your data is stored and more importantly how to delete it if you are not comfortable with this.  



  • Think outside the box



When it comes to passwords, it’s a good idea to change them frequently and steer away from the typical combinations such as birthdays, family names, pets etc and create something less obvious, after all this is your secret password so why not have fun with it.  You could even use a password generator to save you doing the thinking each time.



  • Keep on top of upgrading



This doesn’t mean replacing the whole system (unless required), but keep on top of the software updates when prompted because the newer the system or software, the more efficient it will be.



  • Turn it off  



Don’t like the idea of something listening in to your every word waiting for a command?  Then simply turn the microphone off.  You can always access the system by the app if you prefer.


So there we have it, a comprehensive guide on securing your home the smart way, but don’t forget, we are here to help should you need any advice on choosing your smart home security,  simply give us a call on 01543 675 211, we’d love to hear from you.