Tips For How To Keep Your House Cool Without AC

The UK isn’t particularly known for glorious weather, so it’s no wonder that the majority of homes don’t have air conditioning installed. However, now and again the sun does make a surprise appearance and with it comes a clammy heat that can make things like getting to sleep especially difficult. 


Fortunately, we’ve comprised several tips on how to cool down a room without air conditioning. 


How to keep your house cool in summer  

Whilst we’re proud of our range of round top, compact and seam top radiators, turning them down or completely off in the summer is a pretty easy way to keep the heat down in your home. 


To cleverly manage the heating in your home with minimal effort on your part, there’s a range of room thermostats and timers available.


Models like this Honeywell CM707 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat are kitted out with useful tools to change the temperature in an instant or can be programmed to automatically adjust to your heating preferences. 

If you’re keeping your heating and hot water use to a minimum, you may even consider turning your boiler off completely for the summer to save money. 


To discover if this is a viable option for your home and lifestyle check out our handy guide dedicated to whether you should turn your boiler off over the summer


DIY Ice Fans

Placing electric or portable fans around the home can keep a light breeze flowing through your home. 


Take it one step further with a nifty DIY hack. Place a bowl of salted ice in front of the fan for a crisper breeze. This will send a cooler airflow through the house, giving any air conditioner a run for its money. 

Be sure to keep the fan secure and be aware of the risk of spillages around sources of electricity.


Should you leave windows open or closed in summer?

Although it may seem counterintuitive, closing curtains and windows in the summer will prevent hot air from entering the home. If you’re aiming to keep your house cool, this is good to keep in mind. 


That being said, if there is a breeze outside you can take advantage of the airflow and strategically open windows to allow the air to sweep through one side of the house to the other, creating a circulation of fresh wind ideal for ventilation.


For a happy medium, perhaps select certain windows to be left open to allow for the airflow cycle, and close and draw the curtains for all of your other windows.  


How to Keep Kitchen Cool in Hot Weather

Barbeques are a summertime novelty and a great excuse for a get together in the garden, but they’re also an opportunity to ditch your oven and avoid sweating away in the kitchen. 


Of course, you can still use your oven in the summer, just be aware that the heat that the oven gives off can linger long after it has been in use. 



How to sleep in hot weather without AC

It is notoriously hard to sleep in the British humid heat, the cold side of the pillow feels like an absolute luxury. Here are a few tips for how to sleep in hot weather. 



Taking a cool shower before you sleep

  • A cold shower before you sleep can do wonders for regulating your temperature before bed.
  • If you’re turning your boiler off for the summer you could brave a completely unheated shower, however, if this doesn’t sound appealing, perhaps invest in an electric shower. These are ideal since they don’t rely on an attachment to your heating system. 
  • MonsterPlumb stock a number of electric showers which are easy to install and operate, while they’re also financially and environmentally friendly too.



Change your Bedsheets

  • If you don’t want to abandon bed sheets completely, cotton sheets are a must. They are lighter and much better for ventilation than satin or polyester alternatives.
  • Some people even put their sheets or pyjamas in their freezer for a minute or so before they sleep.



Run the taps! 

Make use of the taps in your home by using water to cool yourself down.


  • Have a glass of water on your bedside table, staying hydrated is key for keeping cool
  • Transform your usual hot water bottle into an ice pack by filling it, storing it in the freezer and wrapping it in a towel before taking it to bed with you.
  • Fill a spray bottle with water to create your own refreshing, misting device that you can spritz over yourself whenever it’s too hot. 
  • Running water over the pulse points of your wrists will cool the blood which will recirculate to the centre of the body. 



Now you’re all set to combat whatever the summer humidity has to throw at you - remember to stay hydrated and safely enjoy the rays whilst they last! 

Here at MonsterPlumb, we’re keen for you to get the most out of your products and appliances, so for more relevant information and guidance, feel free to consult some additional posts on our blog.