After a year of being almost practically entirely cooped up in our homes, it’s easy to fall out of the routine of checks and daily habits that would keep our homes safe and secure in our absence.


At Monster Plumb, we believe that efficiently securing your home doesn’t have to be an expensive, complicated procedure. Instead, we’ve composed a simple crime prevention strategy.


Ensure that your home isn’t deemed as an easy target by reading on for our suggestions on how to prevent your house from break-ins. 


Door Security

Make any possible intruders think twice about trying to enter your home by ensuring that your front door appears visibly secure. 


Update locks and reinforce your doors

Burglars can become familiar with the workings of common locks so having up to date, professionally fitted locks and doors is a way to stay ahead of the game. Plus, a sturdy, well-kept looking door will appear more challenging than a flimsy or weaker appearing door.


Keep keys out of reach 

Leaving your keys in the inside lock of your door is easily done, but with a tactical ‘fishing’ manoeuvre through the letterbox, a burglar could take the keys and swiftly enter your home. 


This would also make it much more difficult to get a successful insurance claim if anything is taken or damaged, as it will appear that they have entered the house without any forced entry. Prevent this by keeping your keys in a safe place, out of view and reach of onlookers. 




Window Security 

Keep Valuables Out of View

Don’t allow your home to become a site for window shopping. Make sure all of your valuables such as laptops, phones, jewellery and money are hidden from view so that opportunists don’t get tempted by your best wares left out unattended.  


Keep windows locked when not in use - even if you’re at home.

Ensure security in your home by locking any potential entry points, especially those that are on a lower level.  Get into the habit of closing windows as you exit a room, before you go to bed and, most importantly, when you leave the house unattended.


Keep this in mind as summer draws in and windows are opened to accommodate for the increased heat. If you still desire ventilation, consider using a latch on the window. This way, there is a small gap for air circulation, without the window having to be open entirely. 

However, be aware that this is not the equivalent of a locked window as it could be prised open. 




Smart Lighting  

When you are away from home, let sensors and timers take care of all the hard work for you. 


Motion-Detecting Lighting

This is a simple but effective, psychological deterrent. Sensors can pick up movement and immediately illuminate their surroundings, exposing whoever was lurking in the dark. The increased risk of being caught and identifiable makes your home less appealing as a target for crime.



Another option is to attach your lighting appliances in your home to a plug adapter that can be programmed to activate at a certain time. Set your lamps to come on and off throughout the day to mimic presence in the house, even if you’re away from home. 





Smart Home Security Systems

Sirens and sensors are some of the devices amongst some of our smart home security systems which are ideal for burglary prevention. If someone triggers the system, an alarm will sound in your home, which could deter an intruder from going any further.  


External Sirens

An external siren sits on the outside of your house, they are often kitted out with a high decibel siren and flashing LED lights which would both deter intruders and alert you and your neighbours of any attempted break-in. 


Internal Sirens

Hopefully, an intruder won’t gain entry to the house due to the previously mentioned advice. However, if they do, an unexpected, extra siren inside the home could catch them off guard and prevent further action from taking place. 


This discreet Honeywell Evohome Smart Wireless Battery Internal Siren reaches an impressive 120 decibels and has 4 years of battery life, making it a nifty investment for the protection of your home. 


Glass Break Sensors

On top of visibly securing your windows and doors, a Honeywell Evohome Smart Glass Break Sensor is a great addition for an extra sense of security. It works with most types of glass up to 14mm thick and is also smart enough to rule out false alarms. 



Make sure to stay aware of any weak points in your space and prioritise regular checks of your home’s security system for maximum protection and safety. 


For further advice on how to obtain maximum protection for your property or how to carry out your own home improvements, look to our blog