Christmas: a time for family, friends, good cheer and unfortunately, burglaries. 


There are sadly many reasons why Christmas time encourages burglaries and break-ins, from storing presents beneath the Christmas tree to empty homes during Christmas shopping trips, the little things we love at Christmas can make us more vulnerable to crime than we think. 


Over the festive period alone, home burglaries increase by an average of 20%, with a usual spike of 25% after the clocks go back in October. 


With such an increase, Christmas is the most important time of the year for home security.


Today, the team at Monster Plumb are sharing our favourite Christmas home security tips to help you keep your family safe this festive season.

Install Smart Home Security


Allowing you to fully protect your home with the latest technology, a smart home security system beats every home security alarm that’s come before it.


Including everything from glass break sensors to smart wireless motion sensors, many different smart home security products are designed to make protecting your home easier than ever.


Letting you check in on your home at any time, as well as taking snapshots of any possible intruders, smart home systems offer peace of mind in knowing that your property and valuables are always protected. 


In addition to this, burglars are less likely to target properties with installed smart security systems, meaning your home is not only physically protected but also a much smaller target.


We recently shared all of our smart home security knowledge over on our blog, so check that out for more information on what a smart home security system can do.


Keep Christmas presents out of view until the big day

A lot of us leave presents beneath the tree well in advance of the 25th, whether that be for display and decoration purposes or the convenience of storage.


However, the more presents that are in plain view of your windows, the more likely it is that a burglar will target your home to take the goodies beneath the tree. 


We recommend that you keep presents in cupboards or upstairs rooms if your tree can be seen in plain sight from windows, as this means burglars will be encouraged to find an easier target that has them on display.


Make sure your windows and doors are always locked

As the hustle and bustle of Christmas generally leave you without knowing whether you’re coming or going, make sure you always lock your windows and doors (even when there are people in the house).


It can be easy to forget about locking the door when you’re constantly going in and out, but you must do so to prevent thieves from entering your property.


It’s also important to never leave spare keys anywhere near your property, like under a doormat or in a plant pot, as these are places thieves are likely to check.

‘Stay home’

Even though you’re out of your property, leaving a light on or setting a timer for a light to come on helps to deter thieves from entering as they believe that someone could be at home.


It’s also harder for a thief to hide if it’s light, meaning they would be more likely to attempt robbery at a darker location where they can hide in shadows and not be seen.

Christmas time is one of the most important times to keep properties safe and secure, and losing expensive Christmas presents through burglary could have an incredibly negative impact on not only the festive season but also the mental health and trust of your family within your property.


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